1 October 2009

BSL:UPTAKE launch event, 9th October 2009

Message from Bob Duncan at the BSL:UPTAKE project:

We have a limited number of places left at the launch of BSL:UPTAKE at Heriot-Watt on Friday 9 October. Some members of EdSign will already be attending, but as I don't know most of them, I wonder if you could forward this and if any of the others feel this is highly relevant to their work or career plans and would like to attend, maybe they could contact me and let me know why they would like to attend. I will respond and let them know if we can find them a place.

Further information and contact details are on the invitation below.

Download the invitation

Bob writes:

I am working as Project Officer for Heriot-Watt University on a project called BSL:UPTAKE. Tessa Padden, my Deaf colleague, is the Knowledge Exchange Associate for BSL:UPTAKE. The project is aimed at improving the flow and exchange of knowledge between people in government, who don't know much about the Deaf community; people in universities like Heriot-Watt, who may have information and knowledge about the Deaf community that would be helpful to government; and organisations and people in the Deaf community who often lack knowledge about how government works, what it can do for them, etc.

Professor Graham Turner, the Director of the project, asked me to work alongside Tessa Padden to help set up the bilingual BSL/English website, which will hold/host a lot of the information and knowledge that is being pulled together. Another feature of the website will be a BSL Blog by Tessa and later others, giving information and sometimes views about hot topics of interest to the Deaf community, and inviting responses, especially from Deaf people.

Feel free to bring your laptop, as you will be able to access the website on the spot and we can have some fun.


  1. Carri NeilsonOctober 06, 2009

    I will be going and is looking forward to it. Thanks for the great site!

  2. Thanks to Carrie and the other 45 who came to the launch. We hope to have more to show you at QMU on 4 November and we would love more feedback - www.bsluptake.org.uk Tessa Padden & Bob Duncan